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Monday, 20 Oct 2014

Fire Station Al Ruwais

Fire Station Al Ruwais Fire Station Al Ruwais

The Project

The Fire Station Ruwais is being jointly operated by firefighters from EFRC and Abu Dhabi Police since 2008. Ruwais is a medium-sized city in the middle of the Western Region in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. It is situated near the peninsula Jebel Dhana. Ruwais extends to two islands, namely Sir Bani Yas and Delma, which are about 15 minutes and 35 minutes off shore by ferry respectively. Today approximately 37.500 people are living in Ruwais.

Ruwais is not an old city. As the Western Region plays a key role because the country’s main oilfield is nearby it was planned and constructed in tandem with the Ruwais Industrial Plant as a labour accommodation by the major UAE oil company ADNOC. With the establishment of new companies and the upgrade of the industrial area, the so called Ruwais Housing Complex was growing. The plans of the government and the companies are, to raise the population of Ruwais till 2020 to round about 100.000 people and to develop the infrastructure accordingly. Today Ruwais has a complete municipal infrastructure with schools, shopping center, banks, post office and hospital.



The operational area of the Quick Intervention Branch of Ruwais is one of the biggest and most extensive within the whole Quick Intervention of Abu Dhabi Police. In North-South direction it stretches over a distance of about 300 km from the border of Saudi Arabia to Madinat Zayed and the operation area extends over approximately 60.000 km².

Along this distance the highway E11, which is the most important route between Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, is a frequent target of operations for the Quick Intervention Platoon Ruwais. Nevertheless, the main operational area is Ruwais itself and the big industrial area with refineries and other petrochemical industry.



In January 2013 the EFRC Team at Ruwais Fire Station comprises:

1 European Team Head

1 European Deputy Team Head

4 European Supervisor

3 European Assistant Supervisor

1 Yemeni Coordinator

18 Jordan Firefighter

18 Turkish Firefighter


On each shift are approximately 25 Firefighters and Drivers, one thereof an European Supervisor and an European Assistant Supervisor.


The Local- and Jordanian EFRC firefighters in Ruwais have a different shift system than the Europeans. The former are working four days continuously and have eight days off afterwards.


The European duty system in Ruwais is separated into the day-shift and the 24-hour shift. The 24-hour shift is working after the following cycle: 24h work, 24h off, 24h work, 24h off, 24 h work and four days off.


The day-shift is working from 07.30 am till 02.30 pm from Sunday to Thursday.


Technical Equipment

The following trucks and cars are stationed at Fire Station in Ruwais Housing or at the Fire Station near the industry complex (see “Technical Equipment”):

1 Command Car

1 Fire & Rescue Truck

1 Tanker with 7000 l/ 500 l foam

1 SCBA Truck

1 HAZMAT Truck

1 Heavy Technical Rescue Truck

1 Pickup

1 Big Tanker with 16000 l water

1 Big Tanker with 18000 l water

1 Long Tanker with 40000 l water

1 Turntableladder 54 m

1 Water-Foam Tower 54 m

2 Bus 24 seats

2 Bus 9 seats

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